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We manufacture furniture for hospitals and all medical areas. Also for private consultations, pharmacies and laboratories. At Incotron Eymasa we analyze your needs, offering advice and logistics solutions. We advise and manage your project, whatever the type, from start to finish and always in collaboration with you.

mobiliario para hospitales

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mobiliario para hospitales

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mobiliario para hospitales

Clinics and Hospitals >

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mobiliario para hospitales

Hospital logistics, carts >

mobiliario para hospitales

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Cabins & soundproofing

At Incotron Eymasa we also have a department dedicated to the design and manufacture of modular cabins and soundproofed spaces for various uses (recording of voices and musical instruments, musical studios, locution, conservatories, music halls, listening centers, etc.) and soundproofing and furniture of high performance for the equipment of medical centers.

They trust in Incotron Eymasa

We have over 30 years experience in the sector. They have relied on us from large hospitals to private consultations, dental centers, pharmacies, centers of studies related to medicine and centers dedicated to the health sector, collectivities, prisons …

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If you have a project in mind, or precise budget, please contact us. We will respond quickly.

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