Types of medical furniture we do

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Laboratory furniture

Furniture for use by professionals in laboratories, hospitals, university laboratories, educational centres, industrial centres. Self-supporting structure in steel profile.

Furniture for pharmacy

Comprehensive solutions for equipment, distribution, preparation and controlling medication in a hospital and/or pharmacy centre.

Dental clinics

Dental furniture of all kinds: from dental chairs to trolleys for transporting tools or aparology. Materials that work hygiene and are easy to disinfect.

Clinics and hospital centres

Modular furniture destined for all types of medical-clinical centres and consultation facilities, hospitals and healthcare consultation facilities of any nature. Standard dimensions (EMINENT series), and made-to-measure. Equipment projects.

Furniture for geriatric centres and other communities

Specific made-to-measure furniture, and for meeting the needs of social-healthcare and geriatric centres, and community centres of different natures, as well as administrative centres.

Made-to-measure and turnkey accessories and installations

All types of accessories for the activities carried out at community, medical and hospital centres. These are pieces of furniture of different characteristics, made-to-measure in order to adapt to the different needs of every facility.

Hospital furniture and logistics

Comprehensive solutions for storage, distribution, transport, stock control via radiofrequency (RFID technique). We specialise in the field of hospital logistics, and in the use of systems for organising and optimising storage and distribution processes by means of the ISO 3394 system (modular system for 60x40cm baskets), for furniture, carts, smart cabinets, integration of computer systems (RFID).

We resolve any needs your activity requires.

INCOTRON EYMASA is capable of finding the best technical solutions for your consultation, clinic, hospital, laboratory, pharmacy, geriatric centres, and any other facility within the healthcare sector. All thanks to the medical-clinical modular furniture, hospital logistics and pharmacy, laboratory furniture, and furniture for communities.

We manufacture and install your furniture and accessories, as well as working with a large network of national and international companies and collaborators specialising in the medical sector. Use and optimisation of pieces by using numerical control cutting centres and drills.