Incotron Eymasa is a manufacturer of geriatric logistic furniture for nursing homes, clinics and hospitals for the elderly, located in the province of Barcelona, in Spain. Our most prominent products are geriatric armchairs, chairs and geriatric beds.

Geriatric furniture is furniture created for elderly people who, due to numerous diseases and their age, need comforts that facilitate their daily operation and enjoyment.

The position of geriatric furniture makes it easier for the elderly to maintain proper and comfortable use, which also serves to facilitate the elderly their possible rehabilitation.

mobiliario geriatrico

Geriatric chairs and armchairs

The function of these geriatric chairs and armchairs is to make it easier for older people to sit and rest. The construction of these products allows them a comfortable handling.

We also manufacture escort chairs and patient chairs. The most common spaces to place them are: waiting rooms, the dining room (next to the tables) and rooms.

Geriatric chairs provide elderly people with adequate comfort and allow them to get rid of bed rest, which can cause burns or abrasions.

On the other hand, geriatric armchairs support the vertical position and are equipped with a properly profiled seat and backrest made of materials compatible with the skin.

In fact, the geriatric recliner allows a smooth adjustment of the optimal positions for the elderly, and allows them to remain seated for hours without feeling uncomfortable.

Silla geriátrica
Sillones geriátricos
Sillón geriátrico reclinable

Geriatric beds and mattresses

Look for a geriatric bed and mattresses with height, so that the elderly can easily get in and out of bed and an upholstered headboard helps them to sit.

Geriatric beds and geriatric mattresses are excellent for their simple operation that allows the desired position without calling caregivers. In fact, an adjustable bed allows you to adjust the angle of recline and height.

The geriatric beds we offer can be both hydraulic and electric, allowing you to decide on a position to sleep or rest. We manufacture other items of geriatric furniture: patient cabinets, lingerie cabinets and bedside tables.

cama geriátrica
camas geriátricas

Other types of furniture for geriatrics

Family members and/or friends of patients often use furniture for geriatrics when they are in the nursing home or hospital. This often leads to the purchase of geriatric furniture for domestic use, due to the comfort, safety and convenience they provide.

Our selection of furniture for geriatrics:

  • Reception desks for residence.
  • Chairs for direction.
  • Geriatric administrative furniture.
  • Nursing controls in nursing homes.
  • Transport carts.

Mostradores de recepción para residencia

Podrá encontrar muchos modelos de mostradores para residencia geriátrica, mostradores fijos, con o sin iluminación, también mostradores abiertos o cerrados para la facilidad de uso y seguridad.

Use mostradores redondos o con bordes redondeados para prevenir las lesiones al chocar contra esquinas. Los mostradores geriátricos están construidos en madera, cristal y resinas.

Tanto si elije un mostrador para residencia geriátrica estándar o una totalmente a medida, seleccione una altura adecuada para las personas que lo usarán.

mostrador de recepción en geriatría

Steering chairs

We have medium, basic and general chairs, these chairs take into account the comfort of the patient, but also provide comfort to the medical staff.

Steering chairs has been developed for movement. The beech chairs are thought to give more comfort in the waiting rooms, both have an ergonomic design for better positioning of the body.

Sillas para dirección de residencia geriátrica

Geriatric administrative furniture

Good geriatric furniture for your center or nursing home can help you a lot. The furniture for administrative activities of a geriatric center does not have to be seen as hospital furniture.

We have tables for administrative work of different models and configurations, cabinets (metal, blind or door), static and rolling files, as well as bucks and drawers.

Geriatric administrative furniture offers benefits for the daily work of administrative staff.

Mobiliario administrativo geriátrico
armario geriatrico
mobiliario personal

Nursing controls in nursing homes

Some nursing homes are set up as a hospital and need nursing checks to keep track of the actions, as well as a nurse station on each floor.

In addition to the nursing controls, we also have socio-sanitary plants, observation controls, medication preparation and emergencies, to be used by qualified personnel available 24 hours a day.

Mostrador de rececpión para residencia
Mostrador geriátrico

We give you prices for geriatric furniture

Check our complete offer and ask for your budget, you can contact us without obligation through our form. If you have questions or concerns, we offer professional advice and support at each stage of cooperation.

Incotron Eymasa is a manufacturer of geriatric furniture in Barcelona at affordable prices. All our geriatric furniture present in our assortment is adapted so that the elderly can sleep, sit and take naps without getting hurt and in the best conditions.