INCOTRON-EYMASA is a company committed to offering any type of solution regarding the design and installation of laboratory furniture, with the highest quality raw material found in the market.

Located in the province of Barcelona, in Spain, ​​INCOTRON-EYMASA offers manufacturing services for all types of manufacturing and laboratory furniture, which are intended for use in different types of laboratories. For example, in a chemical, clinical, dental, school, electronics or computer and research laboratory.

In addition, we provide personal advice to each of the clients, seeking to meet their needs in the use of furniture, in order to provide the necessary materials for the work they will perform in each area. We have the ability to modify some type of existing furniture, adapting it to the given specifications and personally installing it in a specific place.

The purpose is to deliver quality, both in furniture and in the sales service, to always ensure the satisfaction of those who visit us. In addition, since each one has different needs, we have a variety of products.

laboratory furniture

Types of laboratory furniture you can find

There is a variety in the manufacture of furniture and furniture that you can find in our company. Among them, we can highlight the following:

Laboratory tables

Our laboratory tables, such as the wall table or the central table, comply with EN13150. In addition, they have a fully modular and composable “C” or “U” shaped metal structure. With gallery of services easily accessible, without tools. We highlight the following laboratory tables:

  • Central laboratory table: It is made of metallic material, available in different dimensions and resistant to any chemical, impact or abrasion product. It is perfect for storage or to carry out any laboratory task. Ideal as a means of solution to be used as an instrumentation and sample table.
  • Balance laboratory table: It has elastic systems, which act as filters, damping a high percentage of vibration. Designed for analytical balances, comparators or any precision instrument in which it is necessary to guarantee a partial absence of vibrations. It allows to keep the operator in an ergonomic position when he is sitting. It also consists of resistant anchors that guarantee a stable and robust assembly.
central laboratory tables

Central table: With aerial shelf and adjustable shelves, electric gallery.

wall laboratory tables

Wall table: attached to the wall.

Tables of two heights: Two heights suitable for microscope area, office, etc.

Laboratory table for washing: Of special dimensions, to be able to integrate the sinks in each wall or central table.

Shelves, shelves and cabinets

  • Hanging shelves: known as a storage cabinet with high resistance to loads per shelf and chemical and biological products. Designed with smooth walls that are easy to clean, thus providing a high level of aseptic sanitary environments. The doors are sliding, folding and made of glass or framed glass. These shelves are compatible with fusion and Aero systems, being able to be located on the wall. They are not intended to store flammable or self-degrading liquids, nor acids.
  • Floor shelves: They have high resistance to load and fire, as well as chemical products. They are designed with smooth walls, being easy to clean. There are glass doors, in which the glass is framed with hinges, provided with 4 substations depending on the desired height.
  • Shelves and technical systems: Metal supports with shelves at the top with trays adjustable in height and depth, with cabinets and showcases, with or without doors for storage. Support for electrical conduits or services.
  • Laboratory cabinet: Variety and customization: different heights, wall or hanging, with sliding doors or glass swing doors.
    • General storage cabinet with doors, glass, or board.
    • Wall, suspended, or wall showcases.
  • Furniture for the collection of samples: They are a series of cabinets manufactured and elaborated in sheets of steel that are selected by the client, serving to store in it any type of samples. They are the most used in clinical, chemical and biological laboratories to store samples made in humans, keeping them at the right temperature and preventing them from suffering any kind of damage. This kind of laboratory furniture is made of the size you want, according to the use for which it will be intended and adapting to the space where it will be located.

Modular furniture

Our modular furniture consists of lower clinical laboratory furniture with single or double doors and/or drawers. The furniture under the laboratory tables can be sliding, fixed furniture with baseboard, and furniture with wheels. They have the following characteristics:

  • 270º opening hinges.
  • Guides and bearings of drawers of total extraction.
  • Opening handle.
  • Different qualities: standard board, high DM density, 19mm thick melamine, and synthetic resin board (HPL).

Work surfaces

superficies de trabajo para muebles de laboratorio

Made of different materials and qualities, according to your needs.

  • Synthetic resins: compact laminate (HPL) laboratory quality. The upper part has a special protection and resistance to different chemical reagents.
  • Epoxy resins: Corian type, or similar, resistant to chemical products. It does not present pores. They can join without presenting joints or fissures.
  • Polished granite: worktops in polished granite, of great hardness.
  • Stainless Steel: AIS 304 quality.
  • Postformed laminate: work surface in laminated and pressure laminated board, 30mm thick, postformed on the front, with ABS or PVC edges.

Sinks and basins

laboratory furniture sink

Within our laboratory furniture, we have a wide range of sinks in different materials, dimensions and finishes. The most notable are the following:

  • Stainless steel sink: AISI 304 quality. Superimposed or integrated in the countertop of the same material. With or without perimeter flange to avoid spillage. Different measures and depth, possibility of 1 or 2 breasts.
  • Sink of epoxy resins: Corian type, or similar, resistant to chemical products. It does not present pores. They can join without presenting joints or fissures to the countertop.
  • Polypropylene sink: injected and welded to mechanized sheets of the same material.

Complements and Accessories for laboratory furniture

We have essential emergency products for any installation, not only in the case of clinical or chemical laboratory furniture. These accessories are as follows:

  • Emergency showers: They are intended for use in laboratories where there is a risk of having direct contact with solvents and acids. They are sprinklers that feature soft flow spray heads, operating with a ball valve that is manually operated, including wall support. In any laboratory it is essential to have an emergency shower, always preserving the care of people.
  • Shower with emergency eyewash: It is a safety eyewash that has spheres and a spray ring. It also operates with a ball valve, including its respective wall bracket. It is specially made to solve a possible problem in the sight of any undue substance that could cause an injury.
  • Taps: In these there is a diverse variety, among which are the remote control taps of water and gas, either frontally or vertically, the vertical-mounted faucets with water outlet or tabletop gas, the taps of Front outlet with swivel spout and interchangeable nozzle, remote control tap, water treatment tap and water or gas taps with inclined outlet.
    • Technical safety taps for fluids and liquids: Special taps for different applications, manufactured with anticorrosive coatings. Handles of different color made of polyamide, according to DIN 12920, for identification of circulating fluid. For use on shelf or service tray, or on work surface.
    • Water tap: of different types. With high arm, low arm, mono command. According to the needs.
  • Facilities and services: The laboratory tables have a recordable access area for installations and channeling of the different services (water, gas, air, electricity, connection bases).

Laboratory stools and chairs

  • Stools: These have a height that is adjustable. They are work chairs with an upholstered finish for manufacturing or laboratory sites. They are perfect for mixed jobs, that is, they require travel on some occasions and not only a static chair, but a dynamic one. Therefore, they have wheels and their seat is swivel. Its manufacturing material is chemical resistant.
  • High-backed chair: Allows synchronized movement of the seat with its backrest and has tension regulation. The arms and headrest are also made to be independently adjustable.
    This type of chairs is specially made for work with computer equipment, since it allows better access to the keyboard without losing support on the elbows. In addition, it complies with the recommendations that have been defined by the ISO standards on postural requirements.

School and teaching laboratory furniture

Although of similar characteristics to the previous ones, the furniture for university and school laboratories has constructive details and finishes, specifically adapted for teaching. For example: reinforced structures or of special dimensions and heights, furniture adapted to other measures, work surfaces, connections and installations of fluids, water and electricity, adapted to the construction project, number of places for each table, etc.

On this occasion there is a special custom manufacturing, according to the needs of the center, and according to the requirements of the optional management.

Contact us for laboratory furniture

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For years we have worked hard to meet the needs of our customers, especially in terms of custom furniture. This has made us experts in carrying out design, manufacturing and assembly work to deliver turnkey projects to equip your laboratory. Fill out the form below and we will advise you, so you can check it out!