In Incotron Eymasa we have been a manufacturer of audiometric booths and soundproof booths in general for more than 30 years. This experience allows us to ensure that we know the needs of professionals looking for the best cabins of this type.

Therefore, on the one hand, our audiological cabins ensure an optimal acoustic environment for the correct performance of audiology tests. This will achieve reliable results with which to better serve your users.

But, on the other hand, the other types of soundproof booths we manufacture (for voice over, office, musical instrument) are designed to allow you to work better, focusing on the important and forgetting about noise.

As you will see below, all cabins have elements in common (excellent attenuation, quality of materials and characteristics). However, if you are looking for a custom soundproof booth (with specific measures or specific finishes), we can manufacture it without problems, as it is our specialty.

cabina audiometrica

So are our soundproof booths

We have helped all types of health professionals, as well as any other, to do their job better: clinics, hospitals, otolaryngology (ENT), fitting of hearing aids, psychotechnical examinations (for example, for drivers), musical groups, speakers , translators, among others.

All our audiometric and soundproof booths in general offer a balanced acoustic isolation, for the performance of measurement tests and assessment of auditory levels, in environments with potentially annoying noise levels in the medium and low frequencies.

Technical specifications

  • Certified acoustic soundproofing up to 59 dB.
  • Exteriors with double laminated steel panels, painted with epoxy paint.
  • Anti vibration and stabilization system with silent tilting blocks.
  • Free labyrinth ventilation.
  • Cable glands with 6 stereo jacks (6.35 f mm).
  • Hermetic closure in three points.
  • Double glazed window.
  • Hard cardboard packaging and wood reinforcements.


  • Table stand for audiometer.
  • Wheelchair access ramp.
  • Wheels with brakes.
  • Door opening left or right.
  • Internal reclining shelf.
  • Extra connections

3 reasons to choose our soundproof cabin

#1 Excellent qualities

The attenuation is 59 dB at 8,000 Hz, providing total rigor in the results of audiometric, musical and sound tests in general. In addition, our ISO 9001: 2015 certification ensures the quality of the manufacturing process and materials.

certificación iso

#2 Wide experience

Our main guarantee is more than 30 years manufacturing soundproof booths for individuals and Spanish companies (for example, hearing centers), European and beyond. We are able to offer fast delivery (only three weeks for simple cabins).

#3 Total customization

We can manufacture you the audiometric cabin, or soundproofed for any use, that best suits your space needs and with the finishes and accessories you want. Customize it: choose your color, the number of glazed windows or reflect on it your brand image.

Request information without obligation

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