A well-equipped hospital cart must be an integral part of the hospital logistics equipment. It allows to optimize storage and maintain order in the hospital.

It is one of the most important equipment that a hospital must provide for the health of patients and for their own safety. Thanks to the good hospital equipment, patients recover better and feel safer, and this happens when they see a good organization. In addition, hospital staff also works in better conditions.

We have proven experience in logistics furniture and we know what the trends are and what is expected from the suppliers of professional logistics equipment. It is more difficult to make a mistake when the hospital has the right equipment.

logística hospitalaria

Our hospital carts

Incotron Eymasa has been in the hospital logistics industry for more than 30 years. The purpose of hospital carts is to serve as transportation systems. There is a lot of types:

  • Cure cart.
  • Lingerie cart.
  • Anesthesia cart.
  • Medication cart.
  • General transport cart.
  • Nurse carts for warehouses.

As we can see, each hospital cart fulfills its function and is not necessarily a function only of hospital cleaning. Each hospital cart must have its place.

Cure carts

Carro de curas

Nursing care carts are one of the basic elements of the staff team in medical facilities.

This cure cart allows not only the easy transport of the necessary material, but also of disposable equipment.

The hospital cure cart can be combined with cabinets for separate medical supplies. In the image you can see baskets of 60x40cm.

Lingerie Carts

Carro de lencería hospitalaria

The lingerie cart is generally intended for the collection or transport of hospital clothes or waste (in plastic bags or canvas).

The hospital lingerie cart is an extremely important equipment for each room. Each lingerie cart is divided into parts for clean and dirty clothes.

A lingerie carriage exists in simple modules and multiple modules, allowing bags of different sizes to be hung, with clips to prevent it from sliding off the edge.

Anesthesia carts

Carro de anestesia

The anesthesia cart design is created with aluminum columns to use for medication support, garbage containers and a used needle container.

The upper part is the main part of the anesthesia car. This is the extension for anesthesia medication containers.

Medication carts

Medication carts are used in the short distance transport of medical tools and devices in hospitals and treatment rooms.

The medicine cart has shelves and drawers for medical equipment, tables for medical equipment and drip arms.

The biggest advantage of medical carts is a very spacious drawer design that facilitates the storage of medications, which can be done in single-dose format.

Los carros de medicamentos se utilizan en el transporte a corta distancia de herramientas y aparatos m√©dicos en hospitales y salas de tratamiento. El carro de medicinas tiene estantes y cajones para equipos m√©dicos, mesas para equipamiento m√©dico y brazos de goteo. La mayor ventaja de los carros m√©dicos es un dise√Īo de gavetas y espacioso que facilita el almacenamiento de los medicamentos. Carros de transporte general Permiten el transporte conveniente de cualquier cosa, principalmente comidas para los enfermos, la ropa de cama sucia o simplemente medicamentos y materiales m√©dicos. Los carros de transporte general es uno de los elementos m√°s caracter√≠sticos en los hospitales, los dise√Īos pueden ser con o sin cestas para desechos.
Carro de transporte de medicamentos

General transport carts

Carro de transporte general

They allow the convenient transportation of anything, mainly meals for the sick, dirty bedding or simply medications and medical supplies.

General transport carts are one of the most characteristic elements in hospitals, designs can be with or without waste baskets.

Everything for hospital storage

Maintaining proper cleanliness and hygiene in the hospital warehouse is essential. Therefore, you must do everything necessary to make the storage of medical equipment a priority in hospital logistics.

The reason for this is simple: seeing the good organization of the work of hospital employees, the patient feels more secure and comfortable during his stay.

Almacenamiento hospitalario en sala de preparación

Double drawer system (KAN-BAN system)

The hospital warehouse must be durable and functional, so we recommend the double drawer system (KAN-BAN system). This is the best hospital storage design we offer.

The modular principle is based on baskets and buckets of 60x40cm. Its advantages are that they are interchangeable, effective and easy to use. In addition, they comply with ISO 3394.

Cestas ABS

ABS baskets 60x40cm

Accesorios par cestas y cubetas

Accessories for baskets and buckets 60×40

Armario con sistema doble cajón

Cut section of a cabinet with guide panel, basket, accessories

Modular furniture for storage in work areas

Nuestra serie Eminent de elementos de mobiliario modular dispone de paneles guías de ABS para cestas de 60x40cm.

Dise√Īamos espacios de trabajo con una combinaci√≥n de muebles altos, bajos y de pared para zonas espec√≠ficas de trabajo. Por ejemplo, controles de enfermer√≠a, salas preparaci√≥n medicaci√≥n y sala REA.

Zona de trabajo con sistema kan-ban

Work area with worktop with low cabinets and tall cabinets with shutter.

Almacenamiento en control de enfermería

Detail work area nursing control.

Proyecto de almacenamiento para logistica en hospital

Modular furniture design for nursing control storage.

Almacenamiento en sala REA

Storage detail in REA control room.

Hospital warehouse

The design of the cabinets and racks of the hospital warehouse can be open or closed through doors or shutters. In addition, they are equipped with guides and baskets 60x40cm for maximum capacity.

Almacén de hospital
Nuevo almacén hospitalario

The metal storage racks allow 60×40 baskets to be accommodated and, through height-adjustable guides, optimize space. They are totally versatile. Our Praxis model is ideal for shelves for medium loads and volumes.

Rack completo

Full rack

Rack mixto

Mixed rack

Estanteria de carga de volumen medio

Medium volume cargo shelf

RFID (radiofrequency) control

We have ample experience in implementing stock control systems in real time by radiofrequency. They allow the control of one or several warehouses, smart cabinets and even carts.

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