When it comes to clinical furniture, at Incotron Eymasa we are an excellent option because we offer manufacturing services for a wide variety of equipment. We install furniture for medical consultations, outpatients, hospital centers, socio-health centers and health centers in general.

For example, we offer counters, sinks, drawers, cabinets, lamps for lighting, showcases, tables and others. All this so that you can condition your clinical, outpatient or hospital spaces efficiently, aesthetically and with quality.

With a recognized track record and more than 20 years of experience in the manufacture and installation of hospital furniture, at Incotron Eymasa we offer furniture for health clinic that meets the many needs that may require the conditioning of your clinic. From basic care furniture to the different specialties that cover your medical services.

From Barcelona, Incotron Eymasa is responsible for providing specialized and rigorous care so that you can feel calm and confident when equipping your clinical space, with an advisory process from the moment you consider our services as an option.

mobiliario clínico

Tailored consultation center of nephrology

mobiliario hospitalario

Geriatric center room

Basic Clinical Furniture

In this section you can find all the clinical furniture we offer to begin to condition your clinic properly. And not only in the medical aspect, but also in what customer service is concerned.

And, in short, a clinic is not only characterized by its medical care, but also by the initial care it gives its patients:

  • Stools.
  • Chairs and armchairs.
  • Tables.
  • Handwash.
  • Supports.
  • Counters.
  • Clinical showcases.
  • Medical screens.
  • Litter bins.
  • Steps, sidewalks.

In Incotron Eymasa we manage all types of projects tailored to the needs that are required. We use different materials such as melamine, wood, DM fiber panel, HPL laminates. Our special and lacquered finishes are high strength. In addition, we also install reception and customer service desks.

Sinks and countertops

We install all types of furniture with countertops and sinks, water areas, etc. We use different materials, stainless steel, Corian type resin, stratified, antibacterial HPL… All with the highest quality and guarantee backed by 20 years of experience being manufacturers of clinical furniture.

Specialized hospital clinical furniture

Así como en Incotron Eymasa ofrecemos mobiliario básico para la atención médica, también ponemos a su alcance variedad de mobiliario clínico hospitalario especializado que le permitirá cubrir las rigurosas necesidades que requieren las diversas áreas de atención clínica, por lo que en nosotros usted puede encontrar mobiliario clínico especializado para:

As in Incotron Eymasa we offer basic furniture for medical care, we also offer you a variety of specialized hospital clinical furniture that will allow you to cover the rigorous needs that require the various areas of clinical care, so in us you can find clinical furniture specialized for:

  • Dentistry: Dental chairs, Sinks.
  • Physiotherapy: Traction stretchers, Investment Tables, Supports.
  • Aesthetics: Surgical chairs.
  • Laboratory: Laboratory tables.
  • Orthopedics: Podiatry chairs, Pedicure chairs, Podoscopes.

When you review our catalogs you will find a variety of these products with different prices, among which you can choose the one that best suits your needs and your budget.

Cabinets and dental clinics

Specialists in special furniture for dental centers. Large capacity drawers with special widths. With high quality finishes, manufacturing and custom projects.

Nursing Controls

Furniture for nursing controls in clinical areas, emergency, patients reception. Standard furniture and custom projects.

Multipurpose Rooms

Special furniture for work areas (clean, dirty, trade), multipurpose cabinets, gynecology, etc. Eminent series.

Advantages we offer at Incotron Eymasa

We are a company recognized for the quality of its hospital products, which is reflected in the high demand of its equipment and in the trust that its clients place both public administration and private sector.

Next, we will explain why many prefer Incotron Eymasa and what are the advantages of conditioning your clinical spaces with us:

  • High experience and recognized trajectory in sales of hospital furniture: More than 20 years manufacturing and supplying clinical furniture in Barcelona, throughout Spain and abroad to clinics, hospitals and outpatient centers.
  • Competitive prices in the market: we provide quality products at affordable prices that allow you to cover all the equipment needs of your clinical spaces with budgets of all kinds.
  • Advice: we have a trained team to support you during your purchase process, providing information about the equipment you may need, which one is most convenient for you and which one can best meet your needs.
  • Variety of furniture: we not only offer basic clinical equipment such as showcases, reception furniture, sinks, cars, lamps, but we also extend our services to any medical area that requires furniture for clinic.
  • Diversity of specialized equipment: we offer a wide range of services in specialized clinical furniture, covering areas such as dentistry, physiotherapy, aesthetics, laboratory, orthopedics.
  • Guarantee: the characteristics of the hospital furniture that we offer are of quality. Therefore, we offer tranquility and security to customers by guaranteeing the quality of our furniture.

Contact for advice and customized quote

As clinical furniture manufacturers, at Incotron Eymasa we seek to be a solution to the problems of hospital clinical equipment that you may have.

Therefore, we are dedicated to accompany you in your purchase from the moment you choose our services as an option until installation.

Step by step, we will show you that conditioning your clinic is a task that can be carried out in a simple way if it is done methodically and with the necessary information at your disposal.

Our company has a team that fulfills the laborious task of providing support with advice to let you know fully the hospital furniture you may need according to the services offered in your clinic.

In addition to this, we inform you about the equipment that suits you and of the highest quality for your space according to your budget.

In addition, the clinical furniture we offer at Incotron Eymasa are products that are guaranteed in their quality and performance. In this way you can feel safe when making purchases with a company that will respond to any unforeseen eventual event that may occur with respect to the products purchased, as is the expert in manufacturing hospital furniture Incotron Eymasa.

Fill out the following contact form without obligation and we will contact you as soon as possible.