If you are looking for a pharmacy furniture supplier in Barcelona, INCOTRON-EYMASA is one of the most competitive pharmacy furniture companies in the current market. The main reason is that thanks to our high quality pharmacy furniture, we take care of all the necessary details so that your hospital has optimized all the daily processes related to the pharmacy, to the last detail, even the design.

With regard to the portfolio of furniture for hospital pharmacy we offer, we are pleased to announce that one of our priorities that we have clear is to make available to our customers a varied selection of items that, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, are functional and practical. Who said design and utility cannot go hand in hand? Do not hesitate and ask for prices.

Hospital pharmacy shelves

Have you entered a pharmacy where the products were scattered around the tables, without any order or concert? If so, surely you will have felt the anguish and desire to get out of there immediately without even carrying out the task for which you went there. Although it may not seem like it to the naked eye, there is a better chance of working efficiently if medications are placed in an orderly manner and, why not, also attractive.

INCOTRON-EYMASA knows it, and therefore makes available to its customers pharmacy shelves, which, along with the rest of modern pharmacy furniture, give the necessary touch that your pharmacy requires to be orderly and easily accessible to its employees. It is clear that professionals seek speed and, therefore, clarity when it comes to accessing products. Therefore, the shelves for medicines will allow you to arrange your products so that preferences are taken into account, and in turn, you can change the disposition of those products if required.

pharmacy furniture

Finally, we believe that it is very important to highlight that the satisfaction of our customers is one of the priorities of our business, and in this way, it is something we strive for every day tirelessly. Therefore, and to ensure that our client’s point of view is evident in every part of the process, we are proud to announce that we make clear at all times what material the pharmacy furniture is made of. In addition, we firmly believe that transparency and honesty are two values that define us and that perfectly summarize the way we work as manufacturers of pharmacy furniture. For all this, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, as we will be happy to assist you and try to respond to each of your proposals.

Furniture for storage in pharmacy

Shelves for picking and storage. Formed by modular shelves, with large drawers, horizontal, inclined or mixed, to dedicate them to picking, preparation and storage of pharmaceutical product.

Storage cabinets (double drawer). Storage cabinets equipped with guides and baskets 60x40cm. With or without door, with blind. Maximum capacity.

Metal storage racks. It allows to accommodate 60×40 baskets, and by means of adjustable guides in height, optimize the space. Versatile Praxis model.

pharmacy furniture racks

Chest of drawers for pharmacy

On the other hand, it is common that, in places destined for such large audiences, there is an over-supply of products that can result in a certain disorder when organizing both prospects and prescription drugs. In other words: it is usual not to know where a certain aspirin or a certain syrup has been placed. To date, however, immediacy is sought when picking up a medicine, and it is not uncommon to perceive signs of impatience when it is not dispensed virtually immediately.

Therefore, to avoid such situations as far as possible, INCOTRON-EYMASA also offers a wide variety of drawers for pharmacies made from various materials, sizes, color ranges and even shapes, as we are aware of the great importance of a good order. All of them follow a professional, elegant and tailored style that will help you keep your work space organized while making an ideal impression for all the people who come to it. Forget about having the products organized without any criteria, because thanks to our drawers you can choose the distribution that best suits your objectives. Don’t worry anymore! The organization has knocked on the door of your pharmacy.

pharmacy drawers

Metal pharmacy cabinets

  • Cabinets made of metallic sheet, for different applications.
  • Cabinets with doors and security access for medication and narcotics.
  • Fireproof cabinets for liquids and flammable products.
  • Security cabinets for documentation.
  • Security cabinets for computers.
  • Metal drawers of one, two or three streets. Various widths and depths:
    • Total extraction, two dimensions.
    • Custom front.
    • Lettering.
    • Separators.
    • Grid bases.
    • Transparent base.
    • Transparent side.
    • Centralized lock

Furniture for pharmacy and optics

Tailor-made projects for Pharmacy and optics organization equipment:

  • Chests of drawers.
  • Exhibitors, Gondolas and Counters.
  • Customer service furniture.
  • Exhibiting tables.

Transportation System and carts

We design and manufacture all types of transport systems. For transport of pallets (pallet trucks, electric car), by means of mothership carts for warehouses, lingerie carts. General transport carts. Single dose carts.

Different types of carts

General transport carts

furniture pharmacy trolley general transport

Nursing trolleys transport 60x40cm baskets

Lingerie Carts

furniture pharmacy trolley lingerie

Single-dose carts and medication carts

pharmacy furniture unit dose cart
pharmacy furniture medicine cart

Management software

RFID (radio frequency) control. Stock control system in real time by radiofrequency. It allows the control of one or several warehouses, smart cabinets, cart control.

Shelving load and medium volume. Modular shelves, of different dimensions for the storage of medium loads. They allow you to adjust their height easily.

Shelves for pallets. For high volume or high capacity loads. Modular.

pharmacy furniture shelving pallets 1
pharmacy furniture shelving pallets 2

Pharmacy counter

One of the pillars of the pharmacy furniture are the pharmacy counters, as they are the piece around which all the activity revolves, and the place where professionals and patients who need something from the pharmacy are directed almost automatically. Whether to ask for a certain product or simply to greet pharmacists who are working there, it is almost certain that this is the point at which the eyes are directed first.

Can you imagine the harmful effect that could cause it to be outdated, uncomfortable or even aesthetically unpleasant? INCOTRON-EYMASA is aware of this situation, as well as the needs that it entails, and therefore, makes available to its customers a very comprehensive and updated catalog that takes into account current design trends. All this, of course, is subject to all those changes that are required depending on the required layout and size, so do not hesitate to indicate what your preferences are. Thus, it will be possible to create a feeling of warmth and good taste that, in this way, will generate confidence and closeness. No matter what idea you have in mind, at INCOTRON-EYMASA we will do our best to give the space to which both professionals and patients will be willing to go.

pharmacy counter
pharmacy counters furniture

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