Data sheet

  • Project: Two laboratories in Vallès area.
  • Location: Province of Barcelona – Spain.
  • Year: 2017.
  • Furniture type:

Project images

Project explanation

In 2017 we completed the installation of two laboratories for companies located in the province of Barcelona, in the Vallés area. They are specifically small laboratories for testing industrial processes.

The first photographs correspond to an odor measurement laboratory for a global company that is engaged in consulting in odor management. For this they need a measurement laboratory in which they verify and control odors, exercising control work. In the photos a double table or island can already be seen.

The second photos are from a quality control laboratory. In this case, our client manufactures different types of resins and derivatives. Logically, to ensure their quality, they carry out preliminary and final analyzes of the manufacture of their products. In addition to also seeing a laboratory table, in the photos another element of interest can be seen: the shelves hanging from the ceiling.

The laboratory bench with “c” legs was undoubtedly the star of this double project. Every laboratory must comply with high safety and robustness requirements. It is a delicate environment and the staff who work there must be able to carry out their work in a calm and totally safe way. In this sense, laboratory tables with ‘C’ shaped steel feet are indispensable, as they are modular, anti-tipping, and of different heights. And the fact is that the laboratory tables that we install at INCOTRON EYMASA are developed and tested according to the European standard EN13150: 2001.

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