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In early June 2017, the new pediatric ICU of the Dr. Josep Trueta Hospital opened its doors to the public. At Incotron Eymasa we take care of all the pediatric furniture, both in the emergency room, work rooms, incubators, as well as in the general room.

The new pediatric ICU was assembled in just one week: we provided all the logistics furniture, warehouse furniture and everything necessary for the “box”. However, the protagonism of this project was taken by custom-made changing tables and baby bathtubs.

Until now, the material used for baby bathtubs was stainless steel. However, we use Corian as the main material. The benefits of this resin are multiple:

  • It has no slots.
  • It has no edges.
  • It has no angles.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • It is much more hygienic when used.

In a second phase, which ended in February 2018, the Pharmacy department was completely renovated and health professionals from now on have been able to work in a more agile and comfortable way. To illustrate, there’s a before and after image.

Dr. Trueta’s new pharmacy has double-drawer medicine storage cabinets, according to ISO 3394, 60x40cms buckets and shutter closure. Also with carts for medication.

Finally, during the second quarter of 2018, we completed the assembly of the new Emergency area of the Dr. Josep Trueta Hospital in Girona. In fact, on July 19, patients were transferred here. We added more glove storage and dispensers. Also sick boxes and infirmary controls.

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