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We collaborated with the Catalan Health Service to equip the new outpatient clinic in Platja d’Aro with a new emergency room. We assembled all the furniture for the consultations, treatment rooms, emergencies and warehouses. On this occasion, the use of furniture equipped with a double-drawer basket system stands out.

El nuevo CAP de Platja d’Aro, inaugurado el 3 de abril de 2017, dispone de 14 consultas: tres de medicina de familia, tres de enfermería, dos de pediatría (medicina y enfermería), cinco polivalentes y una para cirugía menor y curas complejas. También cuenta con seis espacios más para la atención continuada: cinco de atención ordinaria y un box de críticos. Además, hay un área de admisiones, zona de trabajo y de descanso para el personal, almacén, vestuarios, duchas y aseos.

The new CAP in Platja d’Aro, inaugurated on April 3, 2017, has 14 consultations: three for family medicine, three for nursing, two for pediatrics (medicine and nursing), five multipurpose and one for minor surgery and complex cures. It also has six more spaces for ongoing care: five for ordinary care and a critical box. In addition, there is an admissions area, work and rest area for staff, warehouse, changing rooms, showers and toilets.

Advantages of the double drawer system

The system of double drawer or also denominated system “kanban” is designed to take control of stock of the different warehouses through the use of RFID (radio frequency).

The objectives pursued by the double drawer are as follows:

  • Control the behavior of the consumptions and of the available stocks in the points of consumption.
  • Ensure traceability control.
  • Manage batches and expirations.
  • Guarantee the permanent availability of the necessary equipment.

Emergency cabinets go without doors

The closets of the emergency areas go without doors to facilitate the rapid access of health professionals to the medication. The furniture we installed from INCOTRON-EYMASA does not have doors or drawers, it is equipped with baskets for medicines.

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