All products manufactured by INCOTRON EYMASA, S.L., both furniture and soundproofing booths, are made in either standard or custom versions, always according to the requirements and measures asked by each customer, and also accompanied by a wide range of equipment and accessory elements.

We carry out all kinds of projects with soundproof booths

  • Hospitals

  • Auditory centers

  • Musical conservatories

  • Recording studios

  • Private homes

  • Commercial premises

  • Libraries and offices

Lateral cabina con detalle espuma

All INCOTRON EYMASA, S.L. soundproof cabins meet all the requirements and standards of quality, safety and reliability. Its soundproof cabin can be customized according to the needs of its activity: recording of voices and musical instruments, musical studies, locution, conservatories, music halls, listening centers, etc., and soundproofing and furnishing of high performance equipment of medical centers.

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